Coaching Team



Kat Arbour – Off-Ice Trainer

Ice Dynamics® is exclusively owned and operated by Kat Arbour. Several years ago she saw a need for specific and comprehensive off-ice training for figure skaters. She combined her lifelong involvement in figure skating and her education in exercise science, physical therapy and biomechanics to conceptualize, develop and implement off-ice training programs for skaters at every competitive level, from beginner through elite.

Kat attained USFS gold test medals in figures, freestyle, and dance. Her education includes a PhD in biomechanics, a masters in exercise science from University of Delaware and a second masters in physical therapy from Hahnemann University (now Drexel University) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. When she coached on-ice, she held PSA Senior Ratings in Moves and Freestyle. Her combined academic education and figure skating knowledge gave her the necessary tools to develop optimal off-ice training aimed at peak performance.


Diana miro – mjm Associate Coach

Diana is a recent addition to MJM, and we are happy to have her join our team.  Mark and Peter have always been impressed with her students at the National Championships and were excited to hear she was relocating to the Boston area.  Diana's students are well known for their strong technique and excellent basics—qualities that have helped her skaters win National and International medals.

In her own right, Diana was a bronze medalist at the US National Championships at the junior level and was a member of Team USA. Diana's experience, enthusiasm, and energy, combined with her Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, make her wonderful asset to the MJM team.



Ross Miner – MJM Coaching Assistant

Ross is a three time U.S. Championship Mens medalist, the 2009 US Junior Champion, the 2012 Four Continents Bronze medalist, a three time Grand Prix medalist, a two time World Championships Competitor, the 2010 Junior Grand Prix Final bronze Medalist and has earned a national medal at every level from intermediate to senior. He has been a member of Team USA since 2009.

Ross has trained under Mark and Peter since 2003, and in 2015 he joined the MJM coaching team. Since our move to Revere he has begun to work with our elite and junior elite track athletes. He enjoys bringing a current competitor’s perspective to the coaching team.

Outside of the rink, Ross is studying to earn his Bachelors degree from Harvard Extension School, and enjoys golfing and traveling.

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Heidi Munger – MJM Coaching Assistant

Heidi is a national competitor, Eastern Sectional Senior Ladies pewter medalist, and two time New England Regional Senior Ladies champion. She has been skating for 16 years and started coaching 2 years ago. She enjoys coaching because it is a way for her to pass her passion of skating on to other aspiring skaters. Heidi performed in the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships Opening Ceremonies and is the figure skating double for Margot Robbie in an upcoming movie, "I, Tonya."

In addition to her athletic accomplishments, she is a graduate of Worcester Academy and a member of the National Cum Laude Society.  Heidi was recently accepted to Boston University and will begin classes in the Fall. 


Amanda Farkas – MJM Coaching Assistant

During her competitive years as a figure skater, Amanda was a 6-time national competitor and member of Team USA.  She began coaching during her studies at Boston University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.

Amanda had an immediate impact on her students as she guided several skaters to Regional and Sectional success and has continued to produce top competitors from the New England region. Her skaters have qualified for the Eastern Sectionals and the U.S. Junior National Championships.  In addition, Amanda holds a Master Rating in Free Skating from the PSA.

Amanda has worked with MJM skaters for the past twenty years.  She oversees all aspects of their training, with an exceptional focus on spins.






Off-Ice Team



The sharper edge – boot and blade supplier

Jonathan English was born in the Northeast of England; he lived and skated in the UK until he joined Disney on Ice in 1990. Jonathan worked in the skating rink growing up and has many years of knowledge with sharpening and mounting skates.  Many of our customers are National, World and Olympic Competitors from the past and present.

Sheila English is from Gloucester Massachusetts, and grew up skating and competing on the North Shore and Boston Area. She assists her husband in running the business, answering emails and running the web store.

Located just north of Boston in Peabody, Massachusetts, The Sharper Edge is open by appointment only because we believe you should have individual attention when being fitted for a new pair of skates.  You should not have to wait hours and see different people.  Jonathan is the only person that does the sharpening and fittings.  You will only get the best.  We strive for exceptional customer service and promise to work with you to choose the right skating equipment for you.


Kinetic fuel, Julie Nicoletti – Nutritionist

Julie Nicoletti is a nationally recognized sports nutritionist who specializes in coaching student, adult and professional athletes to achieve their highest potential—both on and off the field.

Julie provides one on one, personalized nutritional education and counseling to athletes, enabling them to optimize peak athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury. 

Julie is the sports nutritionist for the Boston Bruins, the Boston Cannons, the Rabil Experience, Hayden Synchronized Skating and the New England Ruffnecks. She facilitates Kinetic Fuel workshops for coaches, teams, players and their families on the importance of performance based nutrition. She also consults to professional and elite travel sports teams, specialized camps and works closely with several NCAA Collegiate athletic programs around the country.


dr. Caroline Silby – sports psychologist

Dr. Caroline Silby is a nationally renowned Sports Psychologist, published author and faculty member at American University. Dr. Silby has worked on an individual basis with two Olympic Gold Medallists, twelve Olympians, three World Champions, eleven National Champions and over fifty National Competitors.

She is qualified to help meet the needs of athletes not only because of her years of academic training through which she earned a Ph.D. in sports psychology but because of the fourteen years she spent training to make the National Figure Skating Team. Her skating career culminated in competing in the 1984 Olympic Trials. While she did not make the Olympic Team, Dr. Silby did find a way to combine her passion for sports with her interest in psychology and the mental aspects influencing performance.

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Yumi Barnett-Nakamura – Figure Skating Costume Maker

Yumi Couture (formerly Y’s Designs) was founded eight years ago in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Its founder and costume designer, Yumi Barnett-Nakamura, serves the growing market for more creative and personalized athletic costumes.  Yumi uniquely combines ‘old world’ traditional techniques with modern stylistic sensibilities.

The Yumi Couture story unofficially began generations ago in Kyoto, Japan, the city of a thousand temples.  Yumi’s family has been part of Kyoto’s long and rich history in textiles and garment making, including one of Japan’s most enduring cultural symbols, the kimono. Yumi has been influenced by a long line of kimono dressmakers, specializing in techniques that can take over forty years to master and are passed down from one generation to the next. Yumi brings this rich legacy to her handmade costumes.  From the highest quality materials to her inspirational designs, she works with each athlete to bring their performances to life.  Her focus reflects the kimono-making tradition by emphasizing quality, creativity, and precision.


Skating club of boston

The Skating Club of Boston is proud to be affiliated with the Mitchell Johansson Method elite training program.  Long-time staff professionals at the Club, Mark Mitchell and Peter Johansson are now leading a unique training program at the Cronin Rink in Revere, MA.  The mission of the program is to provide skaters with an integrated approach to their training that maximizes their individual performance ability.  Through a completely interactive approach, Mark and Peter provide students in the program with individually designed, comprehensive, all-inclusive training plans.  These include focus on technique, choreography, performance, presentation, off-ice conditioning and academics.  The program strives to create a positive training environment with healthy, well-trained and excited athletes, ready to achieve their skating goals.